About Us

Drawing on personal experience, Tim Ryan was inspired to launch A Man in Recovery, whose mission is to save the lives of opiate addicts first, then provide new alternatives to keep addicts from relapsing. Half of all heroin addicts die, primarily from an overdose. AMIR serves addicts and those whose lives they touch in new and effective ways.


In addition to participating in community events, AMIR offers three opiate support groups through which it can refer addicts to the appropriate rehab or recovery center. From after-care services to motivational speaking to sober coaching for addicts, Tim Ryan also offers a variety of services to parents and families, educators, employers and others.


The AMIR Foundation aims to introduce a brand new post-rehab sober living model. Living and working together in a demanding yet supportive community, Ryan envisions addicts who would strive to build new lives – free from the horrors of addiction to heroin and other opiates. Ultimately, AMIRF hopes to expand this model to opiate addicts nationwide.

You Can Help

From volunteering in AMIR programs and services to making a donation – no matter how large or small -- to further its programs, AMIR and its Foundation need your help. In addition, our laws must change to provide more resources to recovering addicts. Writing your legislators to ask for those resources could save someone’s life.

What’s Happening with A Man in Recovery?