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Resources for Educators & Students

Educators play an important role in shaping and nurturing our children, and yet many don’t realize that they can play a pivotal part in the war against drugs and alcohol, including the heroin epidemic that is sweeping through our schools as well as our communities.

If you’re an educator, it’s important that you add your eyes to the fight. When you spot signs of addiction in your classroom – personality changes, withdrawal and isolation, poor academic performance, among others – you can work with parents and turn to organizations like AMIRF for help in saving your students’ lives.

At AMIRF, we are here to help educators learn about the warning signs of addiction, as well as how to go about getting their students the help they might need. Besides being simply a resource, AMIRF is also a tool to educate students and teachers.

As part of his commitment to save lives, Tim Ryan has given his speech From Dope to Hope™ at scores of schools, primarily to reach students but also to educate teachers and school administrators as well. His words are passionate and compelling.

An accomplished motivational speaker, Tim is able to not only reach the addict in need, but also provide critical information about the statistics behind heroin addiction in America, the surprising and little-know effects of heroin on the brain and body, and how to go about getting help for oneself or another.

Contact us if you’re interested in Tim coming to your school to share his experience and knowledge. We can educate the educators…and their students!