Motivational Speaking From Dope to Hope

Motivational Speaking:
From Dope to Hope

In the wake of his son’s death and his own crippling addiction to heroin, Tim Ryan has dedicated his life to helping others find recovery. Tim’s inspirational story has compelled countless addicts to get the help they need, as well as educate audiences of all types on what causes heroin addiction, how to find and engage in recovery and living a life of long-term sobriety.

Tim’s moving motivational speech, From Dope to Hope™, chronicles his harrowing experience as a troubled addict who sold drugs to his own son and his son’s friends, his incarceration and his life today that includes his own journey in recovery and his work in serving others. As Tim so convincingly says, “We’re helping one addict at a time move from dope to hope!”

As a motivational speaker with a riveting message, Tim not only reaches the addict in need, but also provides the community-at-large with valuable information about opiates and their devastating effects. Beyond just sharing his own journey, Tim’s speech From Dope to Hope™ informs on the current landscape of heroin addiction in the Midwest, the surprising effects of heroin on the brain and body, and how to recognize and handle those who struggle with addiction to opiates and other substances.

Tim Ryan has shared his story and knowledge countless times and before a variety of audiences, including students, educators, parents, community-based organizations, treatment centers, 12-step programs, halfway houses and prisons. He can customize his remarks to meet YOUR needs.

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