Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

The face of heroin addiction is changing: a recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry found that the average age of heroin users is now 23 years old. Parents can’t afford to let the stigma of admitting that their child is an addict prevent them from taking action. Too many parents live in denial about their child’s addiction, sometimes until it’s too late!

As a parent who is confronting addiction, you must realize that:

1) You didn’t cause it,
2) You can’t cure it, and
3) You can’t control it.

Other than truly being a parent to your addicted child.

Further, parents can contribute to effective, long-term recovery. As a parent, you need to keep an open line of communication with your child, first to recognize the changes in behavior that accompany addiction, then to better understand the challenges your son or daughter face in overcoming it and to support he or she in the early months of recovery and, ultimately, sustained sobriety.

A Man in Recovery can help you identify addictive behaviors, confront loved ones, find the right treatment options, and help your child, in conjunction with professionals, create a long-term treatment plan. We can also help you access Resources which can become your first line of defense in preventing heroin addiction from destroying your family.

These Resources  include:

If your child is an addict, it’s also vital that you learn about treatment and post-treatment options, including detox and rehab, sober living, ongoing therapy, and the cultivation of skills and activities that support a sober lifestyle. A Man in Recovery Foundation is here to provide you with all of the resources and information you need to get the help your child deserves.