Run With Tim

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*Fundraising Commitment
I understand that I am committing to be an AMIRF Charity Hero, which means I will use my race participation to raise at least $150 for AMIRF. If I am unable to raise these funds from other contributors, I understand that I will be personally responsible for a $150 payment to AMIRF.

Run With Tim

By participating in the Naperville Half Marathon & 5K

You can help raise money for A Man in Recovery Foundation by lacing up your running shoes and hitting the streets of Naperville on October 22, 2017!

Join us for our inaugural year as a Charity Hero of the Naperville Marathon Races.  You can participate as:

  • A Charity Runner (either Half Marathon or 5K races)
  • A Charity Volunteer (race day AMIRF volunteers who help with the event)

Plus, Charity Runners get even more perks than standard-entry runners:

  • Discounted race entry fee (see our 3 Easy Steps below)
  • Access to Charity Runner exclusive village pre-race heated tent & gear check, massage, and extras!
  • Eligibility for Naperville Marathon Races Charity Program awards for top fundraisers
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are running to help AMIRF fight addiction!

Run With Tim Details

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Half Marathon begins at 7:00 AM
5K Races begins at 7:15 AM

Both races begin and end on Eagle St
(1 block west of Webster St.),
just north of Aurora Avenue in Naperville.


In 3 Easy Steps, You Can Run With Tim:

1. Sign up to be an AMIRF Charity Hero

Join our AMIRF running team and pledge to raise $150* for our Foundation. To join the team, simply complete the Run With Tim contact form below.

2. Get your Race Entry Discount Code

Once you’ve submitted your contact form, watch for an email from us. We’ll send you the Race Entry Discount Code you’ll need when registering on the official race web page. Your code must be used within 7 days.

3. Use your Discount Code to register for the race and support AMIRF!

  • Go to the Naperville Half Marathon & 5K webpage.
  • Under “3) Your Goals,” open the optional Program Charity drop-down list and select AMIRF.
  • At the bottom of the form, remember to enter your Race Entry Discount Code.

For more information, contact:
Don Kalish:
Cliff Kalish:
or call 312-860-3233